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Road transport
The Euro licence (community licence) is the business licence for transport companies. Companies that are active in the professional road transport of goods, must have a Euro licence. Do you want to start a company in professional road transport of goods in the Netherlands than you must first apply for a Euro licence with the NIWO. Professional road transport of goods is the transport of goods against payment by order of third parties. The licence obligation applies for national and international transport with vehicles with a load capacity of more than 500 kg. The load capacity is mentioned on the vehicle registration document. Not just lorries but also delivery vans often have a licence obligation due to their load capacity.


You can qualify for a Euro licence if you meet the following conditions. For an extensive description consult the Policy rule for granting licences of the NIWO.
Real establishment
The company must have a real establishment in the Netherlands. This means that there is an actual and durable establishment. As soon as the Euro licence has been granted the company must have at least one vehicle.
You are creditworthy if you have sufficient financial means for a correct start and continuation of the company. You must have a business capital of at least 9,000 euros if you use one vehicle plus 5,000 euros for any additional vehicle that you use. So, for example, you have three vehicles then you must have: 9,000 + 2x 5,000 = 19,000 euros. The capital must be present in the shape of risk-bearing capital. You can only prove your creditworthiness with a (starting) balance possibly complemented with a capital statement and a declaration of a AA or RA accountant (NBA) or a member of NOAB or the Register Tax advisors. This statement must be drawn up in accordance with the provisions in the ‘Research protocol application and extension Euro licence’, which these experts have.
 From 1 January 2015 the so-called risk companies are tested annually for creditworthiness. A risk company will have to demonstrate this based on financial data, such as annual account, a capital statement or a tax return. A risk company includes a company where the risk-bearing capital is supplemented by a subordinated loan or if the solvency ratio (own capital compared to total capital) is lower than 20%.
Professional competence
The transport manager, the person in charge of the transport work activities, must be professional competent. This is demonstrated with a recognised professional certificate Entrepreneur professional road transport of goods. For this professional certificate you must take six exams, the division CCV and CBR organises these exams. There are various providers who organise the training/course.
When several people are managing, at least one must comply with the requirement. The transport manager must live in the European Union. If the owner, partner or director has the professional certificate himself, then this person is the (internal) transport manager. If the company does not have the professional certificate, it can hire a transport manager, for example a procurement holder of business manager. Condition is that the NIWO can determine that the transport manager is permanently and actually managing the transport work activities and that there is a real connection with the company. In that case you must fill in a ‘declaration use professional competence. Read more about the research to use professional competence within a company.
From 1 January 2015, a transport manager may use his professional certificate for maximum 4 transport companies with a total fleet of maximum 50 vehicles. However, an internal transport manager may in principle manage an unlimited number of vehicles with one company or one holding.

You can demonstrate this with a Certificate of Behaviour for natural persons and/or legal entities. The ministry of Security and Justice issues these declarations.

  • If your company is a limited company, public company or partnership, you request the VOG RP in writing from the ministry of Security and Justice with the form VOG RP (legal entities).
  • If your company is a sole proprietorship, you request the VOG NP via your council with the form VOG NP (natural persons).
  • And only if a transport manager has been hired (see professional competence), a separate VOG NP must be requested for this person via the council with the form VOG NP (natural persons).
  • Per 1 May 2016 the directors who live abroad and/or do not have the Dutch nationality are no longer included in the testing by the ministry of Security and Justice. In those cases, a separate Certificate of Behaviour for natural persons must be submitted. This Certificate can be requested in the country of residence or origin.

Law Bibob
The NIWO can refuse or withdraw a Euro licence based on an advice from Bureau Bibob. The Bibob advice mentions if and to which degree there is a risk that the Euro licence is or will be abused for criminal activities. The NIWO will only request a Bibob advice, if there are reasons for this. The NIWO has explained this working method in the Policy rules Bibob.
Registration with the Chamber of Commerce
You can demonstrate this with an extract from your registration in the Trade register of the Chamber of Commerce.

Application procedure

You can submit your application online. After you have logged in with Dutch e-Herkenning (e-Recognition) you fill in the web form and you can upload the necessary supporting documents.
-> Online application (only in dutch)

Your digital application must be accompanied with the following supporting documents:

a. Professional certificate(s)
b. Declaration of behaviour (VOG NP and/or VOG RP)
c. (Starting) balance or capital statement, including the required declaration of a RA or AA accountant (NBA) or – this applies since March 2013 – a member of NOAB or the Register Tax advisors​
d. And in case the transport manager is an employee or hired externally: provides the professional certificate; employment contract or agreement externally hired transport manager. 
e. In some cases, more supporting documents are required, than is indicated. Your application can be saved interim.

Submitting application on paper
You can also apply for a Euro licence with the application form on paper. 
Within two days after receipt of your application the NIWO sends you an invoice per e-mail for the processing costs of your application. Once the invoice amount has been credited to the account of the NIWO, the NIWO will continue to process your application.
Processing period
The NIWO must decide within 8 weeks. This legal period starts when all the necessary data for the assessment of your application have been received and the owed amount is credited to the bank account of the NIWO.
You will receive the decision on your application per post. If your application has been assigned, you receive the original of the Euro licence at the same time as well as the certified copies thereof (the so-called Euro licence certificates) for your vehicles. In case of rejection you can object to the NIWO within 6 weeks.


Aan welke voorwaarden moet een onderneming voldoen bij de aanvraag of verlenging van de Eurovergunning?
Aan welke voorwaarden moet een onderneming voldoen bij de aanvraag of verlenging van de Eurovergunning?